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Hear and Now

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Hear and Now

by Unknown

Published ca. 1958

How radio brings news and information to Americans. With footage of many news events covered by radio and images everyday life in the late 1950s. Explains how radio serves in the Cold War and during natural disasters.

Run time 18:04
Producer Unknown
Sponsor National Association of Broadcasters
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


05:18:39:00 LS Little boy sleeps in bed; portable radio in table next to bed
05:19:03:00 LS Boy wakes up in morning; he is wearing striped pajamas
05:19:24:00 CU Bread pops up in toaster; woman's hands remove it; zoom out;
woman places more bread in toaster
05:19:40:00 MS Woman sips coffee; starts to butter mounds of toast
05:19:49:00 MS Man shaves with electric razor while looking into mirror
05:20:00:00 LS Family sits eating breakfast; radio prominently displayed
05:20:10:00 LS Father listens closely to radio; weather forecast is broadcast
05:20:15:00 LS Mother puts coat on little boy who kisses her goodbye;
father and mother kiss goodbye; father takes son with him
05:20:35:00 CU Harold Phillips, president of the National Association of Broadcasters speaks
to camera about the importance of radio
05:21:20:00 MS Man with headphones on works in front of control panels
05:21:28:00 LS Men work adjusting dials and switches
05:21:32:00 Montage of city shots: subway, crowd seen from overhead; city streets
05:21:39:00 LS Draft animals pull cart on hillside
05:21:46:00 MS Man in control booth; reflections of reels spinning are seen on his windows
05:21:47:00 CU Light "ON AIR" sign
05:21:48:00 LS Camera pans up radio broadcast tower
05:21:56:00 MS Ham or crystal radio set being used by man and boy
05:21:58:00 CU President Warren Harding
05:22:02:00 CU Presidential candidate James Cox
05:22:05:00 LS presidential convention
05:22:22:00 LS Old couple listen to radio account of presidential convention; radio has large
cone amplifier
05:22:27:00 LS Ticker tape parade, 1928 presidential candidate Alfred Smith waves to crowds
05:22:43:00 LS Herbert Hoover speaks into a radio microphone
05:22:50:00 LS Family, including older people, sits around 'watching' the radio
05:23:00:00 LS 1933, crowds of somber people gather to hear Franklin Roosevelt; FDR says line
"It is my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
05:23:17:00 LS Man, supine, sleeping in public park with hat over his head
05:23:21:00 LS Men in breadlines
05:23:29:00 LS Scrawny, hungry Depression-era cat
05:23:31:00 LS Man washes his face at public outdoor tap
05:23:35:00 LS Children on bicycles and roller skates on sidewalk
05:23:37:00 LS Children being spun around on carnival ride which is handcranked by boy
05:23:42:00 LS Montage of shots of people listening to radio at home and work
05:23:46:00 MS King Edward VIII of England is shown in a studio; voiceover is Edward abdicating
his throne; Edward walks with Wallis Warfield Simpson down path
05:23:59:00 CU Wallis Simpson
05:24:00:00 LS Zepplein Hindenburg explodes; voiceover radio reporter
05:24:35:00 CU Radio; voiceover: Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
05:24:40:00 LS Warplanes seen in air
05:24:54:00 LS Explosions of ships at Pearl Harbor; voiceover: FDR saying "December 7, 1941, a
date which will live in infamy"
05:25:05:00 MS American soldiers in city move stealthily through town; tank parked in
background (this sequence is all World War II footage)
05:25:14:00 LS Explosion of shell on hillside
05:25:18:00 LS American tanks shoot
05:25:23:00 LS Artillery shoots
05:25:26:00 LS NBC studio; many children with headphones on
05:25:33:00 CU NBC reporter interviews English child who is staying in U.S. for the duration of
the war; her mother's voice is heard as well
05:25:54:00 LS U.S. Naval troops stand on deck of ship
05:25:57:00 CU Japanese minister signs surrender in WWII
05:26:01:00 LS Exterior United Nations building
05:26:06:00 LS United Nations meeting
05:26:11:00 LS Radio broadcast tower seen from below
05:26:21:00 CU Tabletop radio
05:26:23:00 LS Government building in Singapore
05:26:25:00 LS Riots in Paris; police beat people
05:26:28:00 LS Capitol building; trees in foreground
05:26:31:00 LS President Harry Truman, circled by a bevy of reporters
05:26:35:00 CU Harry Truman
05:26:37:00 MS Reporters scramble for telephones
05:26:44:00 LS Reporters in phone booths next to each other call in their stories
05:26:46:00 LS Newsroom
05:26:49:00 CU Reporter reads news into a microphone
05:26:54:00 LS/MS President Eisenhower has press conference which is broadcast
05:27:20:00 CU Harold Phillips, president of NAB, speaks about how much radio touches the
lives of Americans
05:27:52:00 LS Woman works in kitchen; reaches over to adjust radio dial
05:27:57:00 LS Giant radio antenna, used for civil defense warning
05:28:04:00 LS Rocket launches
05:28:07:00 LS Military airplane takes off
05:28:11:00 CU Hand adjusts dials on radio
05:28:16:00 LS Clouds move across sky; dust blows across field;
05:28:27:00 MS People secure their buildings against severe storms
05:28:33:00 CU Radio is pictured; voiceover "warning a tornado is headed this way"
05:28:43:00 LS Funnel of a tornado is seen in the distance
05:28:51:00 CU Radio reporter uses telephone in car
05:28:57:00 LS Tornado seen in distance over city
05:29:05:00 LS Much debris is blown very high into the air by a tornado
05:29:00:00 MS Radio reporter on car telephone broadcasts; vehicle has a sign which reads "KNAB"
05:29:32:00 Lightning streaks
05:29:37:00 CU Water flowing down muddy hillside, first in streaks, then torrents
05:29:44:00 LS Flood waters rush through streets; through homes;
05:29:56:00 LS Helicopter seen overhead
05:30:00:00 LS Aerial view flooded railroad tracks
05:30:08:00 LS Seen from above, fire engine drives by
05:30:14:00 LS "KNAB" station wagon drives up; reporter leans out; reports on the phone
05:30:20:00 LS Firefighters unhook hoses and begin spraying fire with water
05:30:47:00 CU Portable tape recorder is turned on
05:30:50:00 CU Reporter interviews fire chief on the scene
05:31:00:00 MS Reporter interviews mother, son, daughter
05:31:04:00 CU Reporter talks on phone, hanging out of car window
05:31:10:00 CU Sign "Missing Persons Bureau/Special Investigations Squad"
05:31:12:00 MS Police office reads information about missing persons into radio microphone
05:31:21:00 CU Wrecking ball
05:31:26:00 LS Wrecking ball crashes into building; demolishing it
05:31:40:00 LS Sailboats on the Potomac river; Capitol in the distance
05:31:49:00 Montage of shots: traffic jam; pedestrians feet; classroom
05:32:00:00 MS Woman listens to radio at kitchen table
05:32:06:00 CU Radio
05:32:19:00 MS Radio announcer reads news
05:32:39:00 MS Traffic jams
05:32:44:00 CU Two men inside traffic helicopter
05:33:00:00 CU Car radio
05:32:05:00 MS Car drives from traffic jam to clear secondary roads
05:33:16:00 MS Men working in radio control booth as seen in a mirror
05:33:21:00 LS Father sitting in easy chair; son on carpet puts on clear plastic "space helmet"
and plays with toy rocket; while listening to radio
05:33:43:00 MS Father balances son on his knee while sitting in easy chair in living room
05:33:58:00 MS Woman writes note at kitchen tables; tacks it to bulletin board
05:34:35:00 LS Top-down convertible driving along
05:34:40:00 LS POV driver looking down highway alongside body of water
05:34:48:00 MS Man gets up from milking cow; he walks over to radio, turns it on; he has a
cigarette in his mouth
05:34:55:00 CU Hands sorting mail into boxes
05:34:57:00 MS Barber cutting hair stops and puts his ear to the radio
05:34:59:00 LS Professional baseball game; batter hits to shortstop side
05:35:01:00 CU Barber smiles happily about baseball game
05:35:03:00 MS Two childen on the beach sitting next to beach towel; woman throws herself down
on towel and turns on radio
05:35:08:00 MS Teenage boy (crewcut) listens to transistor radio on street with a small
05:35:14:00 LS Sunsets in rural area
05:35:18:00 MS Nighttime car drives up on suburban street; headlights visible, not much else
05:35:30:00 MS Father wakes up sleeping son in front seat of car; son has toys, balloons. Dad
picks him up and carries him into house
05:36:11:00 MS Mother tucks son into bed and kisses him goodnight
05:36:27:00 CU Hand sets alarm on clock radio

¥ worth noting: nice, short shots of storms.

¥ 5:29:05:20- 5:29:21:20
Nice, grainy shot of tornado ripping apart small buildings in either Dallas or KansasÑdebris flies towards the camera. Lots of movement in this sequence.

¥ 5:29:45:10- 5:29:54:23
Main Street (in California ?) floodedÑsmall buildings practically under water.

¥ 5:31:21:09- 05:31:35:12
Good shot of demolition of building (the narrator indicates this is part of "slum clearance projects") which starts with ball on crane and cuts to it smashing a large, urban building.

worth noting: two nice driving POV shots from a convertible, but they're short (the first starts at 5:33:04:28 and the second 5:34:35:08).

National Association of Broadcasters Radio broadcasting Radios (people listening to) Children Bedrooms Clock radios Alarm clocks Mothers Kitchens Breakfasts Appliances Toasters Fathers Shaving Parents Children Families 1950s Phelps, Harold (President, NAB) Radio (history of) Pedestrians Cities (U.S.) Donkeys Agriculture Farms and farming Harding, Warren Gamaliel Conventions (Democratic, 1920) Elections Hoover, Herbert Smith, Alfred E. (voice of) Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Depression (1930s) Royalty Edward VIII (King) Simpson, Wallis Warfield Abdications United Kingdom (History and culture) Hindenburg (airship) Zeppelins Explosions Disasters Daly, John Pearl Harbor (1941 attack on) World War II Battles Wars Refugees Children Cold War Truman, Harry S Radio towers Riots Paris (History and culture) White House Singapore (History and culture) Rockets Blastoffs Space program (U.S.) Aircraft (Jets) Weather Storms Tornados Lightning Floods Water Firefighting Hoses Fires Reporters (radio) Interviews Radio (dispatchers) Missing persons bureaus Sailboats Demolition Wrecking balls Constructions High-rise buildings Buildings (High-rise) Traffic jams Helicopters Space helmets Costumes Automobiles (Convertibles) Driving Barbershops Sunrises and sunsets safety


Reviewer: JayKay49 - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 27, 2015
Subject: Chuck Roast 33 cents/lb
Oh take me back to the 1950's. Even an iPhone is no comfort when that roast costs $4 a pound (and of lousier quality).

A great up close shot of the Dallas, TX tornado of 1957. This was the first "high quality" close up moving picture of a tornado. It was studied extensively looking at the movement of debris to ascertain what the actual dynamics of a tornado are.

The irony of this film is that the visuals in it are its point of interest, despite its aim to "downplay" the value of television which was largely replacing "pictureless" radio.
Reviewer: pottersclay75 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2005
Subject: Great, romantic view of radio
When one considers that this was made in 1958, it is no wonder there was such an effort being put into pushing radio. Television exploded in the mid-fifties, and many radio stations saw it as their tombstone. This film may go a bit over the top in romanticizing radio, but it certainly does point out what many take for granted. Especially in late-fifties.

Many times, the film is very poetic in nature. You almost want to shed a tear for our friend the radio by the end.

Out of all the films about radio on the archive, this is by far the best put together film. I also recomment the film on independent radio stations.
Reviewer: Steve Nordby - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 27, 2004
Subject: "And here's one more special for today"
Something of a National Association of Brodcasters companion piece to "Welcome Guest in the House." That film about TV had the wonderful voice of Don Ameche while this one is narrated by some marginal announcer with a voice that sounds like it was over a telephone representing what is heard on the radio. Ironic given the subject.

Like that other film, no mention of entertainment, just news and sports. But unlike that other film, this one points out how advertising helps the housewife by keeping her informed of sales on food and shoes.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 8, 2003
Subject: How radio is good (insert clip here)
Quite an ironic little picture of showing radio's progress by showing every news clip imaginable. Everything, from President Hoover winning the election to Hindenburg ("Oh the humanity!" explosion! We do also, get a nice overview of what the radio can be used for, eg weather forecasts, traffic forecasts and announcing sales (sale on beef shanks!). Quite a simple (and obvious) film, but one which can be enjoyed on it's merits. Reccomended!
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